Pearl Umbrella Co. Ltd located in Mauritius.

We have been in umbrellas business since 1983, our products include beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas, straight umbrellas, two fold, three fold, four folding umbrellas, children umbrellas, advertising umbrellas, and other high-grade umbrellas for gardens. We offer a wide range of models of sizes from 19" to 44" and garden umbrellas up to 11 feet diameter. A wide range of colours are available to satisfy all, from classic to flashy colours.

We design and make umbrella according to client's requirements. Our advantage is fast response, quickly sample making, and Delivery in time and a guaranteed quality!

Pearl Umbrella Co Ltd also offers others items such as Asadi footwear, Falcon detergent, Mikasa products for all sports discipline and ARS products for house hold insecticide.

Asadi footwear is comfortable, durable, stylish and affordable. And so it has been since the brand first made its appearance in 1990, one of the first to bring in the Mauritian market.

Leading the world of sporting balls – Mikasa is among the products we supply on Mauritian Market since 1975. Mikasa is the ball of choice of major international competitions. We offer football, basket balls, volley balls, beach volley, hand balls etc etc

We have revolution the detergent market with our FALCON brand being one of the most reliable for a cleaner cloth competing with others and offering a very competitive price on the market.

As Mauritius is a tropical island, the range of ARS products we offer, helps the population to get rid of insects, cockroach, lezards rats with apparatus such as the Electronic Mosquito Killer with liquid refill which is safe for our health and also offer the HOY HOY trap a roach and trap a rat which are all quality products.